Bucket Mortar Mixer

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Bucket Mortar Mixer
The Bucket Mortar Mixer: is a mixing attachment or paddle for a drill motor. Mixes all types of mortar or concrete in a 5 gallon bucket or pail. Fast! Click on above picture to buy.

A dry pack mortar mixer for a bucket. In the past it has been difficult to mix dry pack mortar in a bucket. This tool makes short work of it.

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Tile setters and stone masons: Fire your Hoe and retire your mix box. Bucket Mortar Mixer mixes faster and with much less effort than a mix box or wheelbarrow and hoe. Cost including a drill motor is less than a mix box and hoe. Easier clean up. Less bulk.

Mixes 4 gallons of dry pack mortar (deck mud,floor mortar,sand mix) or concrete in a 5 gallon bucket in as little as 30 seconds mixing time!

Auger action moves material from bottom to top and handle allows easy stirring motion of the auger.

30 inches by 3 inches by 1/2 inch shaft.

Foam covered steel handle with oil impregnated bronze bearings for maintenance free operation.

Zinc plated.

Made in USA

1/2 inch chuck drill motor is required. 3 flats ground on shaft for positive chuck grip. A pistol grip type is sufficient as it does not require as much torque as one might think.

Also available at Contractors Direct., Tile tools.com., StoneTooling.com

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